University of Technology Sydney

42723 Healthomics and Molecular Diagnostics

6cp; 3hpw, on campus

Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering program



This studio introduces students to the emerging areas in advance molecular diagnostics. This subject runs in a studio mode with an emphasis on collaboration and design thinking, concept development and refinement.

Students acquire advance knowledge and skills in diagnostics technologies with a focus on designing and building a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine. The PCR build is directed at specific stakeholders with outcomes relating to real-life problems which can enhance people's quality of life or meet industry requirements.

The subject further develops specialised verbal communication skills needed for the diagnostic or related biomedical industries. Overall the subject provides training for students in the area of molecular diagnostics with an emphasis on constructing a PCR machine and understanding the basis of the PCR reaction. The studio is research and problem based learning intensive with projects addressing key stakeholders in the medical or related industry.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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