University of Technology Sydney

42094 Electrical Power and Energy Systems Studio B

Requisite(s): (42090 Introduction to Sustainable Microgrids AND (42091 Advanced Energy Conversion Systems OR 42092 Advanced Power Electronics))

Electrical Energy Systems program



Due to the global energy transition, electrical power and energy systems are currently experiencing a major transformation, driven by environmental, technical, and economic factors. Conventional generation capacity is being replaced continuously by renewable generator (RG) units in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. RG plants are highly distributed and strongly dependant on changing weather conditions.

This studio develops advanced knowledge and skills necessary for designing, analysing, controlling and operating future energy systems containing a substantial proportion of renewable energy sources (i.e. intermittent and distributed generation), energy storage, and new types of loads such as electric vehicles. The overall aim of this studio is to provide a rich and attractive practice-based learning environment for electrical engineering students to deeply learn and become professionally competent in order to face current and future energy systems challenges. To realise these aims, the studio focuses on the methods of reflective design practice, teamwork, mentoring, and deep learning techniques, including immersion in difficult problems within a complex environment. The studio mainly focuses on distributed large electricity networks, discussing the latest technologies used to modernise such networks and analysing the impact of these technologies on system design, operation, management and maintenance.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City Campus

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