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42026 Biomedical Polymers

6cp; 1 hpw (lecture), 2 hpw (laboratory).
Requisite(s): 65111 Chemistry 1
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Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering major



Cutting edge technologies such as stem cells and 3D bioprinting for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are based on the use of biomedical polymers. These polymers are mixed with specific cells to generate a bioengineered tissue, which can be used for drug testing, toxicology studies and regeneration in humans. This subject aims at providing students with knowledge to: 1) discern the different polymers based on their chemical structure and how this relates to their biological function; 2) engineer tissue constructs that are 3D bioprinted with tissue-specific features; and 3) validate 3D bioprinted tissue with mammalian cells.

The first seven lectures will be divided into polymer specific applications, while the remaining lectures will feature guest speakers doing research in the field of biomedical polymers from both industry and academia. These series of lectures will have talks from Inventia Lifesciences and STEMCELL Technologies. This will be consolidated with research talks using biopolymers for spinal repair, joint regeneration and stem cell technologies.

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Autumn session, City campus

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