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42012 Green Technologies: Water-Waste-Energy Nexus

6cp; 3hpw, on campus, weekly.
Requisite(s): 48840 Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering OR 48350 Environmental and Sanitation Engineering
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The exploitation and degradation of the world's limited natural resources has brought numerous challenges and problems to the environment. Engineers play a leading role in developing and promoting green technologies for sustaining wellbeing and preserving the environment into the future.

The aim of this subject is to enable students to acquire knowledge of green technologies in theory and practice addressing technical, environmental, economic and sociocultural aspects. The subject also provides students with a better understanding of promising new green technologies related to water, solid waste and energy sectors. The green technologies investigated are those directed towards developing efficient treatment processes, recovering resources and energy, reducing the carbon footprint, minimising waste production, and protecting human and environmental health. The subject is designed to accommodate integrated study combining both environmental engineering practice and scientific principles (chemistry, biology and ecology).

By reviewing literature relevant to this subject, students are able to improve critiquing skills by identifying the feasibility and applicability of the current practice. By developing problem-solving and systems-thinking skills in this subject, students are also able to apply principles of sustainability in order to achieve a distinctive holistic approach to identify advances in green technology by utilising green practices (e.g. recycling, re-use, energy efficiency, safety and health concerns, renewable resources, etc.).

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Spring session, City campus

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