University of Technology Sydney

41164 Biomedical and Assistive Devices Studio

12cp; on campus.
Requisite(s): 41162 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering Studio A AND 49261 Biomedical Instrumentation
Recommended studies:

42906 Biomedical Signal Processing; 49275 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic; 48560 Introductory Control; 48570 Data Acquisition and Distribution

Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering



In this studio, students work on the development of biomedical instrumentation, electromagnetic therapeutic devices, and assistive devices. As a project-based studio, several typical biomedical assistive and therapeutic devices related projects are provided for students to choose based on their expertise and interests. Working on these projects, students develop skills in the analysis and design of commonly encountered biomedical systems and devices. The medical and assistive devices cover both diagnosis and therapeutic devices that aim to enhance the living standard of people, particularly the elderly and disabled, or therapeutic devices such as thermal therapy and wearable assistive devices.

In this studio, the knowledge and techniques are taught for the development of biomedical systems and devices along with methods of measurements, data acquisition, signal processing, classification, and bio-mechatronics. Basics of some assistive devices are discussed along with various algorithms. For the analysis of wearable devices, some well-known techniques are included.

Some of the discussed system for biomedical instruments and assistive devices are demonstrated by using MATLAB simulation, ANSYS HFSS , tested in Labview environment, and may be implemented by specialised devices.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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