University of Technology Sydney

41101 Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering

Requisite(s): ((48541 Signal Theory OR 41090 Information and Signals) AND 48520 Electronics and Circuits AND 91400 Human Anatomy and Physiology)

Fields of practice: Biomedical Engineering major


The objectives of this subject are to introduce students to the field of biomedical engineering and familiarise them with the following four areas.

  1. Assistive devices which aim to enhance the living standard of people, particularly the elderly and disabled
  2. Wireless technology in biomedicine, the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological entities, and their emerging applications
  3. Genomics and bioinformatics dealing with the sequencing and analysis of genomes, and the development of methods for understanding biological data
  4. Health innovation and economics, particularly in relation to the utilisation of computing, networking and communications to support the various health fields that include medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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Access conditions

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