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41094 Software Engineering Studio 1B

6cp; 2hpw (Spring session). Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject have changed to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in our community.
Requisite(s): 41093 Software Engineering Studio 1A
Recommended studies:

48260 Engineering Project Management; 31257 Information System Development Methodologies; 31282 Software testing and quality management



In this studio subject students extend a system using the professional practices established in 41093 Software Engineering Studio 1A by developing one or more additional features or resolving one or more software issues. Students learn to explore the problem efficiently, to develop solution designs that support rapid convergence to the best alternative.

It is challenging to develop a large program of a few thousand lines and even more challenging to develop a system of millions of lines of code, that cannot afford to fail. The early stages of development must balance problem exploration and design with convergence toward an implementable solution. Developing large, complex systems that must work perfectly requires a number of practices to ensure the development happens in a controlled manner. Developing the professional discipline to use and maintain all of the necessary practices is best done through experience, for little else convinces us of their need than our failings.

The focus of this subject is to experience and understand the longer-term consequences of selected and configured software development methods, tools and resources, then to consider, decide and implement improvements.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus|
Spring session, City campus

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