University of Technology Sydney

41079 Computing Science Studio 2

6cp; 3hpw (workshop), on campus.
Requisite(s): 41078 Computing Science Studio 1
Recommended studies:

completion of Year 2 Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) subjects



This is a studio-based subject in which students apply knowledge and skills learned in prerequisite subjects. Computer scientists work on a variety of problems and the challenges they face in their research are very often cross-disciplinary ones. They work on very fundamental problems such as how to model complex software systems as well as on applied and practical solutions, e.g. how to build early-warning systems for detecting customer churn, or how to recommend what movies to watch. This studio-based subject immerses students in some of the interesting challenges that they face by finding their own research topic and developing a study from its conceptualisation and literature review, through execution, to the final verification and validation. Students have an opportunity to be guided by the leading researchers from UTS. Students also focus on further skill development for their careers in computing science, developing the communication skills necessary for academic and professional communication, the ethical principles required of modern IT professionals, and the analytical skills needed for the critical use of academic literature. This subject is an extension of the 41078 Computing Science Studio 1.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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Access conditions

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