University of Technology Sydney

37357 Advanced Statistical Modelling

6cp; 2hpw (lecture style workshop, with lab review), 2hpw (computer lab)
Requisite(s): (35101 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems OR 37131 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems OR 33230 Mathematical Modelling 2 OR 33290 Statistics and Mathematics for Science) AND (35353 Regression Analysis OR 37252 Regression Analysis OR 36103 Statistical Thinking for Data Science)
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Statistical modelling provides a way to understand relations among a set of quantitative and/or qualitative variables. This subject focuses on developing the generalised linear modelling framework that allows us to model a wide range of response variables as a function of a set of explanatory variables. By extending standard regression models to include a range of categorical (and continuous) response variables the subject is applicable in many areas in science, engineering, health and business. The subject also covers an introduction to the estimation theory behind the model fitting, including least squares and maximum likelihood approaches.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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