University of Technology Sydney

37171 Introduction to Programming for Mathematics

Requisite(s): 37131 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems OR 33130 Mathematical Modelling 1 OR 33190 Mathematical Modelling for Science

Requisite elaboration/waiver:

37131 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems


This subject aims to provide students with a general understanding of programming principles and basic programming skills in Python. On completion of this subject students should be able to write code to implement a simple algorithm. Applications may include applied mathematics, numerical analysis, numerical modelling, optimisation, and statistics.

There are multiple reasons for choosing Python as the programming language for this subject. It is high level and open source (and therefore free) with an elegant syntax, making it a language of choice for learning programming and performing high-level computations. It has a thriving community of users and developers; a collection of modules geared towards efficient code development; and is found in many application areas (from scientific computing to data analysis and web development). Python programming skills are in high demand in both industry and academia.

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