University of Technology Sydney

37151 Introduction to Statistics

6cp; 2 x 1.5hpw (lecture, online), 2hpw (tutorials), 3 x 2hrs throughout semester (computer lab)
Anti-requisite(s): 33116 Statistical Design and Analysis AND 33230 Mathematical Modelling 2 AND 33290 Statistics and Mathematics for Science AND 35151 Introduction to Statistics


This subject gives an introduction to probability theory and statistics. Students learn how to describe random phenomena using the language of probability, and how this is applied in a statistical framework to solve real world problems. The first half of the subject introduces the students to important concepts in probability, such as random variables and their probability distributions. Fundamental properties such as expectations, independence and the Central Limit Theorem are discussed. The second half of the course introduces classical statistical inference and its connection to probability theory. Sampling distributions and their use in constructing confidence intervals and hypothesis testing are discussed. The course ends by introducing simple linear regression and analysis of variance techniques.

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