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32559 Business Systems Design

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Requisite(s): 32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems
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some knowledge of conceptual modelling techniques is an advantage



This subject describes the tools, processes and practices used to design information systems in today's complex business environments that are characterised by a large variety of stakeholders with continually emerging needs. The challenge is to develop systems that enable stakeholders to collaboratively develop creative solutions to address such needs. Students work in teams to use tools that encourage the creativity needed to provide innovative solutions and learn how to combine these tools into development processes. The emphasis is on tools now used in design thinking and ways they are used in development, such as the double diamond method or the Stanford Hasso-Plattner processes. Examples of tools include persona maps, journey maps and the development of themes that can be used to formulate joint value propositions that satisfy stakeholders from a number of perspectives especially business activity, process workflow, social networking and knowledge sharing, and user-design perspectives. The subject then describes choosing appropriate emerging technologies to realise the solutions.

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Spring session, City campus

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