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32559 Business Systems Design

Requisite(s): 32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems
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This subject describes the tools, processes and practices used to design information systems in today's complex business environments. By definition, these environments are characterised by a large variety of stakeholders with continually emerging and changing needs. The main challenge is to collaboratively develop creative solutions to address such needs by providing value to stakeholders. Students work in teams adopting methods and tools that foster the design of innovative and creative solutions. Students combine critical analysis into development processes. The emphasis is on human-centered design. The Design Thinking approach supports the proper analysis of the problem space from multiple perspectives (empathy). The resulting knowledge can be used to formulate value propositions that address problems and issues, and that satisfy stakeholders. Projects that address social value are encouraged. The subject also addresses the conceptual description of the value proposition, as well as its analysis from a business perspective and the development of a basic prototype.

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Autumn session, City campus

Spring session, City campus

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