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26839 Strategy and Risk

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Indigenous nations and Corporations are continuously evaluating risk and developing strategies. This bring theoretical ways of understanding and applying risk analysis and strategic thinking in the context of the power imbalance between Indigenous peoples and the settler-colonial state. Indigenous nations and communities are in almost constant negotiation with settler-colonial governments, industry, the resources sector, business, developers and the non-profit sector about use of their lands and waters. Inherent in these negotiations are questions about the nature of decision-making authority and the dynamics of the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia. These interactions raise crucial questions: How can Indigenous Nations exercise their right to self-determination through negotiation with settler colonial governments and other agents? What kinds of engagement strategies and negotiation techniques can be effective for Indigenous political leaders striving to assert their authority? What do settler-colonial governments and other agents need to consider to facilitate Indigenous self-determination in negotiation settings?

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