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26821 Strategic Transformation

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More than ever, organizational leaders must be proactive, capable to sense and anticipate economic, environmental, social and cultural shifts, in order to imagine and enact a sustainable and future-fit vision. Yet, the way in which organizations operate is often taken-for-granted, based on tacit assumptions, close perspectives and inertia. By contrast, frame-breaking change can completely alter how organisations operate by reorienting their strategic purpose. This happens through a dynamic technique of agenda-setting, creating the conditions for engaging people to take a different perspective and the design of enabling processes that set change in motion. In this subject, students learn how to reset the agenda, embracing the complexity of change and learning how to identify intrapreneurial opportunities.

Achieving these results requires learning to navigate the unique organisational context in which one is embedded, learning how to create the conditions for change, engaging key decision makers, sponsors and stakeholders. The subject draws on contemporary concepts from change management, leadership theory and practice, organisational behaviour, human resource management and psychology, to enrich learners’ perception of the complexities and dynamics of change. Students are able to personify their distinctive ethos, style and acumen to lead change, accomplish and maintain sustainable performance by attracting and harnessing the ingenuity of the people.

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