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26799 Internship Experience

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Anti-requisite(s): 21890 Industry Research Project



The Internship Experience subject is the culminating professional experience of a student’s postgraduate degree. It brings together the key features of a capstone subject and the ability to learn in a professional setting, including through the integration of theory and practice and the extension of prior learning; the use of authentic and contextualised experiences; challenging and complex problems; socialization into professional roles; autonomous yet collaborative learning and development of professional agency; and through the application of critical inquiry and creativity.

Internship experiences may involve a single placement or a series of innovative Work Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities such as micro-placements, field trips and / or consulting, where students have direct involvement with industry or community and make contributions within the host organization in ways that are meaningful to the learner’s academic, personal and career goals, and also all the while, beneficial to the host.

For those students who have limited work experience in a relevant industry, the subject provides the opportunity to gain such experience and to relate it to the theoretical and applied learning developed throughout the course of their degree. For those students who are already working in a relevant industry, the subject provides the opportunity to diversify their experience in a related area and to more critically reflect on their theoretical and applied learning and professional development. The subject is underpinned by the UTS good practice guide for WIL including experiential learning and purposeful, critically considered and intentional approaches to professional practice and emerging professional identity.

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