University of Technology Sydney

260700 Strategy and Negotiation

Requisite(s): 48 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04444 Master of Business Administration



Business leaders leverage their commercial understanding and business acumen to synthesise a range of information and objectives to make decisions to move their organisation forward. Gone are the days of business departments or teams working in isolation. Tomorrow's leaders are required to be increasingly connected and innovative in order to evaluate their organisation's core competencies and challenges to implement strategic plans.

This capstone subject allows students to demonstrate their capacity to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course and apply them to a real-world management problem. Students take an executive management perspective considering all functions (e.g. accounting, finance, marketing) to develop logical, consistent plans to solve problems presented as simulations. The simulations are dynamic in nature and span a range of different strategic challenges faced by businesses. Students consider the consequences of their decisions, negotiate with other stakeholders and adapt to unexpected, emerging circumstances.

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