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25938 Research Methodologies

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The proficient use of research methodologies is essential for undertaking an academic research project or higher degree research. This subject is designed help graduate students choose and apply appropriate methodologies to address research questions in Finance. The subject runs over four consecutive days, with each day devoted to a particular research methodology.

The following methodologies are investigated: (1) systematic literature reviews, (2) qualitative research, (3) surveys and experimental research, and (4) econometrics. The general approach is to describe each methodology and explain how it is used, before providing concrete examples of its use in the published literature. Additional readings and resources are also provided, so that students can gain a deeper understanding of each research methodology, and they are given a hands-on example where they can practice applying it themselves. The subject also highlights the key methodological issues and concerns that attract the attention of journal editors and reviewers, so that students can successfully position their research for journal publication.

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