University of Technology Sydney

25848 Applied Cases in Finance (Capstone)

Requisite(s): (25742 Financial Management OR 25799 Financial Management) AND 25705 Financial Modelling and Analysis AND 25741 Capital Markets AND (25721 Investment Management OR 25773 Investments and Risk Management) AND (48 credit points of completed study in from Business Faculty Master's Coursework OR 72 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C04438 Master of Finance Master of Financial Planning)



This capstone subject integrates the knowledge and skills acquired in other subjects in the degree and applies them to a series of real-world case studies. The subject consists of six two-week modules, each of which focuses on a case from a particular area of Finance. The case is introduced and studied in the first week of each module, while the second week is devoted to discussion and analysis, where students apply the theory and techniques from earlier subjects to the case.

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