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25734 Ethics and Sustainability in Finance

Requisite(s): 25742 Financial Management
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Ethical practices are essential for the efficient functioning of the financial system by instilling public trust in financial markets and the investment profession. Additionally, ethical practices by finance and investment professionals benefit all market participants and stakeholders, and lead to increased investor confidence in global capital markets. This subject aims to develop specific skills and knowledge of ethical conduct in the finance profession, based on a framework for ethical practices for investment professionals. The principles and guidance presented in the CFA Institute's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct provide the ethical context for this subject to allow students to follow, promote and develop the highest ethical standards when pursuing professional careers in all related financial areas such as banking, funds management and financial planning. The subject also addresses the recent trend towards socially responsible and sustainable investment practices. It provides an understanding of the aims of such practices and the issues relevant to sustainable investing. Current industry practice is analysed and compared with theory.

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