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24220 International Marketing

Requisite(s): 24108 Marketing Foundations OR 24109 Marketing and Customer Value
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This subject focuses in the first instance on the issues relating to the ways in which firms consider the business opportunities for developing international marketing operations and then secondly, how those plans need to be evaluated, researched, developed and then implemented and managed. Key topics include international market planning and evaluation, target market(s) research, evaluation of competitive advantage, positioning and strategy considerations and then marketing plan development, implementation and management as well as consideration of how such plans need to be integrated within the firm.

All of this involves significant consideration of cultural, political, legal and other environmental factors that can facilitate or limit exchanges among, what can be, very diverse sellers and buyers. Students learn different strategies that can be used in an international context to meet the different needs and wants of customers, while at the same time enabling international marketers to achieve their business goals and objectives.

The emphasis in this subject is upon developing critical thinking in relation to international marketing opportunities and the use of marketing related tools to 'solve' those opportunities in a commercial environment.

Typical availability

Summer session, City campus
Spring session, China
Spring session, Kuala Lumpur
Spring session, Kuring-gai campus
Autumn session, City campus
Autumn session, Kuala Lumpur
Spring session, City campus

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