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23707 Philosophy, Politics and Economics

3cp; 10hrs face-to-face (3 x face-to-face class sessions/seminars); plus 1 x 3hrs in-class assessment; additional learning activities provided online via Canvas
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This subject reviews the roles of the two most important Australian macroeconomic policy institutions, the Treasury and the RBA, in order that participants gain a deeper understanding of contemporary political and economic affairs. It further equips participants with the most basic and practical tool of economics – supply and demand analysis. Following the global financial crisis there have been calls for greater ethical awareness and practice within the business community, too often without an understanding of the relevant philosophical issues, or recent psychological research on the response of motives to financial incentives. The philosophy component of the subject expands contemporary ethical discussion about business and markets by considering what the economy exists for, and the power and ambiguity of financial incentives.

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