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23580 Contemporary Economic Perspectives (Capstone)

Requisite(s): (23567 Intermediate Microeconomics OR 25567 Intermediate Microeconomics)) AND ((23568 Intermediate Macroeconomics OR 25568 Intermediate Macroeconomics)
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 23600 Economic Policy and Analysis (Capstone) AND 25580 The Global Economy (Capstone)



This capstone subject outlines an economic perspective on contemporary issues and discusses how macro- and microeconomic economic policies can affect individuals, businesses and society. It focuses on lessons learnt from the application of economic principles to contemporary global and national challenges, such as economic growth, poverty and inequality, environmental degradation and sustainability, Indigenous matters, and also discusses examples of policy interventions in specific domains, e.g., macroeconomic demand management, trade taxes, health, labour, financial markets. Students develop expertise in economic analysis of social and business issues and policies and learn about its applicability and limitations.

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