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21957 Leadership Lab 2: Innovation Leadership

3cp; Ten hours of face-to-face teaching consisting of two face-to-face class sessions/workshops. Additional learning activities provided online via Canvas.
Requisite(s): 21956 Leadership Lab 1: Adaptive Leadership
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This subject focuses on leading others to achieve innovative outcomes. Innovation leaders work with small teams to solve problems and create customer value through iterated cycles of learning and growth. From its origins in the start-up industry, this style of leadership has become vital for companies that seek to build world-class entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial capabilities. This subject provides students with advanced concepts, diagnostic tools, interpersonal strategies, and coaching and management techniques to empower them to launch and lead innovation projects with cross-functional teams. The subject introduces students to concepts of adaptive leadership, tribal leadership, transformative leadership, and entrepreneurial management. Students learn how to build and lead powerful team cultures and how to turn business problems into opportunities to promote individual, team, and organisational growth. The subject encourages students to cultivate a moral-ethical responsibility and a capability to guide others to meet collective responsibility.

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