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21951 Challenge/Opportunity Delivery

12cp; 8 x 8hrs (face-to-face block class sessions, team work, coaching and mentoring and client meetings); students have to prepare learning materials before coming to class and attend additional team meetings
Requisite(s): 21949 Challenge/Opportunity Discovery OR 21950 Challenge/Opportunity Design OR 21960c People and the Future of Work OR 21961c Transition Management
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This subject draws on functional knowledge and applies it to real organisational problems. Students are introduced to tools and approaches for implementing transformational change and develop their understanding of organisational culture as a key success factor when implementing change. The subject is framed as a strategic consultancy whereby students are expected to develop robust, sustainable and implementable plans and strategies to deliver on recommendations and solutions developed for a real client. Students are expected to work closely with the client and industry partners, and to apply project management tools and techniques in order to manage delivery of implementation plans on time and to expectations. Students collaborate and apply responsible team and self-management techniques and advanced selling, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Students are expected to deliver a high-quality outcome for the client whilst appraising the moral/ethical implications of the proposed change initiatives for multiple stakeholders. When designing the implementation plan, they are expected to eliminate adverse impacts on these stakeholders and demonstrate how the change creates net positive social and environmental impacts. Students also develop their transition capabilities to prepare them for the changing nature of work.

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