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21950 Challenge/Opportunity Design

12cp; 8 x 8hrs (block, class sessions, team work, coaching and mentoring and client meetings); students have to prepare learning materials before coming to class and attend additional team meetings
Requisite(s): 21949 Challenge/Opportunity Discovery OR 21955 Innovative Strategies OR 21954 Sustainable Enterprise in Dynamic Systems OR 21953c Decision Making Under Uncertainty OR 21958c Managing Technological Disruptions
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The subject is highly interactive and is conducted under the guidance of both academics and industry project managers.

The subject synthesizes knowledge acquired in other subjects of the degree. Students apply that knowledge to live client engagements and provide evidence-based strategic solutions and business plans that are actionable.

The teaching methods include seminars, group discussion using creative and critical thinking techniques, and collaboration with business professionals and practitioners. Students are required to meet their client several times throughout the subject, and plan weekly team meetings to progress their projects. They present their work in progress to an independent advisory panel for feedback and comments as a part of the learning experience. Some or all of the class sessions, team and client meetings and feedback presentations might take place online if deemed necessary by UTS based on NSW Health guidelines. Preparation outside the class: Students are required to complete a range of online preparation modules and read and reflect upon assigned learning materials provided online.

As consultants, students are expected to assign any intellectual property in the work they create.

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