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21949 Challenge/Opportunity Discovery

12cp; 8 x 8hrs (block, interactive class sessions, team work and experiential activities); students have to prepare learning materials before coming to class and attend additional team meetings
Requisite(s): 25720 Applied Financial Management OR 23707 Philosophy, Politics and Economics OR 22788c Accounting Practices and Tools OR 24748c Delivering Customer Value
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This subject introduces students to a range of analytical tools and skills to understand, analyse and evaluate challenges and opportunities today's organisations are facing. Students examine a range of environmental, social, technological and economic drivers of megatrends (associated with technological, sociocultural, political, economic and ecological forces) influencing organisations, industry sectors and societies as they operate within planetary boundaries. They explore how these changes/trends can be addressed through digital concepts and business models. Students become familiar with complexity thinking, multi-level perspectives and methods for envisioning futures, and apply these to specific problems. They participate in a Digital Lab which introduces them to the key digital tools and concepts needed to successfully operate in a digital environment and drive digital strategies. Coursework focuses on developing students' analytical skills, such as research, critical thinking, scanning, pattern recognition, creative problem solving and presentation and visualisation skills. The subject further focuses on developing students' team working skills and their ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders with diverse needs and perspectives and to account for judgments made within ethical decision making frameworks.

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