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21944 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practice

12cp; weekly, one evening a week, plus additional block intensive sessions
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This is the capstone subject for the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship in the Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship (C04304). The subject focuses on the professional practices of developing corporate and entrepreneurial strategies. It draws on knowledge of strategy, design thinking, data analytics and start-up methods. The subject is framed as a consultancy where students work with real clients to investigate a strategic challenge and create innovative solutions and recommendations. Students engage in rigorous research and analysis to identify problems, and deeply understand customer needs, company resources, capabilities, processes and revenue streams as well as the competitive environment including relevant trends and technologies. Students then create or rethink strategic options and evaluate their impact on the business. The aim of this subject is to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for examining, designing, testing, improving or redesigning viable businesses. Students gain a practical understanding of strategic analysis and planning and decision-making processes underlying the generation and invention of value-generating activities as they apply to corporate and entrepreneurial organisations.

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