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21929 Positive Psychology and the Self

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In a world where technological, global, economic, social and demographic change place increasing emotional demands on people, the quest for peace becomes ever more important. People are spending more time at work than ever before as boundaries between the office and home become blurred, and yet too many organisations are failing to help its employees feel engaged and fulfilled in the work settings. This subject explores ways in which people can find meaning and purpose in their organisations by focusing on the positive, engaging their core virtues and strengths, and moving away from a deficit model (i.e. what is wrong?) way of thinking. Positive psychology is built on: (i) the study of subjective experiences such as happiness and optimism, (ii) individual characteristics such as personality, capacity for resilience and character virtues, and finally (iii) the positive institutions that contribute to health and happiness and the building of a better society. Students are encouraged to adopt a critical approach to the literature as they explore both individual and organisational perspectives of this emerging field.

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