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21899 Supply Chain Ethics for Decision Makers

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Today, consumers, governments and NGOs are putting increasing pressure on brands and retailers to ensure transparency throughout their supply chains. Consumers expect more from the brands they buy from than ever before, and an ethical supply chain is now a social requirement in the experience economy. Social, environmental and financial sustainability, transparency, and fair employment practices have become essential determinants for the success of companies. Many of these matters have become the subject of global initiatives, such as the United Nations Global Compact. Furthermore, significant international legislation is coming into effect to address supply chain ethics issues. Therefore, logistics and supply chain decision makers need the capability of understanding and applying supply chain ethical issues in decision making.

In this subject, students learn the foundational concepts, tools, and techniques of ethical and sustainable supply chain operations. This subject also provides an opportunity to supply chain decision makers to apply ethical and sustainable business practices in their domestic and global supply chain operations. Through a blended process of experiential, engaging, and reflective learning, this subject arms students with an understanding of how the supply chain ethical practices operates in business contexts and discusses relevant issues and techniques for companies seeking to improve and enhance the management of their ethical and sustainable supply chain operations.

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