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21893 Transformation and Renewal

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As the final experiential learning experience, this subject will draw on all of the tools, theories and frameworks that have been covered throughout the program and candidates will develop a comprehensive blueprint for transformation or renewal within a defined department, division, segment or area of their organisational strategy or operations. Individuals will reflect on their cognitive development and capacity to engage with the potential barriers and enablers within and outside the enterprise as it operates in a complex system. Simultaneously, they will reflect on their own self-leadership abilities, especially their disposition and capacity to implement the strategic plans by sustaining and championing them through by aiming to achieve effective long-term impacts. Competency development will focus on execution tactics and the competencies for negotiating, issue selling, influencing stakeholders especially the colleagues within the C-Suite and the board, sensemaking, formulating, leading and delivering organisational transformations or change plans for renewal. Learning outcomes from the subject enhance candidates' abilities to anticipate and respond strategically to rapidly changing business environments.

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