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21892 Strategic Value Creation and Capture

12cp; Students must attend all assessments.
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Formulating strategy at the executive level is obviously more complex than filling in templated mission statements, SWOT analyses and business model canvases. It requires informed judgment about the way your organisation creates and captures value at the intersection of business and society. This subject develops students’ ability to do this in a two-step process. Firstly, students will be exposed to logically consistent, evidence-based frameworks for building effective strategies and approaches to evaluating them. As many strategies either fail to see the light of day or combust on impact with reality, as a second step, we will focus on strategy execution and implementation. Understanding organisational change, power, politics and culture are crucial to getting this right. Each of these steps will be navigated with a focus on how organisational legitimacy, accountability and ethics shape the process. Upon completing this subject, a student will be equipped with cutting edge tools and frameworks required to formulate strategy in the complex decision-making environment that defines the executive function.

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