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21891 Innovation by Design

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Innovation by Design is an experiential-based course that provides a collaborative and practical learning experience. Framed as a strategic consultancy, students are expected to work closely with a client or strategic partner. students will be presented with a ‘live’ case study that outlines a current challenge or opportunity from the client’s perspective. students will learn and apply stakeholder management, project management and consulting techniques to design and undertake a mini-project that will provide an innovative outcome for the client that will enhance organisational resilience. The focus of this subject may be on business strategy or business model innovation.

Students will conduct design-led and appreciative inquiry inspired research. Based on insights from this research, they will design an execution plan to deliver a high-level strategic solution for their clients that may include: process improvements, business development, diversification, globalisation, and/or outsourcing. This is achieved by drawing on the learnings obtained in the previous semesters, to conduct primary research and to analyse secondary data sources in order to develop an outcome in the form of a strategic business solution.

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