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21880 Leading People and Change

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Anti-requisite(s): 210880 Leading People and Change AND 21722 Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring AND 21800 Management and Organisations



Organisations today operate in dynamic, complex and continuously changing environments that require new forms of leadership. In this subject, students are invited to reimagine leadership as a collaborative endeavour that drives adaptive and responsible change. Students develop capabilities to facilitate individual and collective efforts that enable organisations and their stakeholders to thrive. This includes skills in cultivating inclusive and trusting team environments as well as the foundational knowledge required to lead and facilitate generative and/or transformational change. The subject assists students in increasing their self-awareness in leading others; building their relational and communicative skills, and developing a more systemic and critically reflexive understanding of organizational leadership.

This subject reflects the UTS philosophy as a public university, serving public wellbeing by preparing graduates not merely for professional practice but normative expectations as agents of global citizenship, where social justice (re equity & ecologies) and respect for diversity are defining values. Students develop deeper relational aptitudes and expertise, notably through facilitating change for sustainable futures via stakeholder consultation, dialogic communications and negotiations, emphasising equity. Resistance to change is not seen as an obstacle merely to be overcome by the imposition of authority, but as legitimate opposition calling for democratic dialogue and consensus. Equally defining are a strong focus on developing specific expertise for learning and working effectively in diverse teams – as collaborative teamwork present dynamic and challenging contexts for almost all endeavours, large and small, local and global.

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