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21875 Managing People for Sustainable Performance

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People are uniquely able to create value and this subject focusses on effectively managing, leading and influencing people for sustainable performance and impact. The subject draws on contemporary concepts from leadership theory and practice, organisational behaviour, human resource management and psychology, to enrich candidate’s cognitive perception of the complexities and dynamics of successful people management. Drawing on their learnings form across the program they will combine their intelligence on developing effective and resilient organizations with a nuanced ability to accomplish and maintain sustainable performance by attracting and harnessing the ingenuity of the people. Candidates will strengthen their higher level consciousness to form judgements within such frameworks and in consideration of the institutional market and societal context. They learn how to combine this with their responsibility to be accountable for administering workplaces compliant with preserving human rights and crafting fair operational functions upon which managerial and organisational success hinge, such as job design, setting performance objectives, providing feedback, managing performance, guiding development and ensuring people are rewarded for good performance. Effectively driving these processes requires knowledge about and respect for the diversity within the personalities, values and attitudes of people. As candidates complete their degree they will reflect on competencies developed throughout the program and confidently personify their distinctive ethos, style and acumen to lead.

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