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21492 Competitive Positioning

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This subject introduces the foundations and frameworks of marketing strategy particularly focused on the business models and offers predominantly found in Indigenous businesses. The subject demonstrates the choices organisations must make to achieve effective local competitive strategies and the analysis and problem-solving processes behind making the correct trade-offs. The principles and rationale behind the need for organisational orientations that combine resource- and market-based perspectives is examined. The imperative in today's markets for strong competitive positions is explored as are the dangers and results in terms of commoditisation and 'trying to be all things to all people' – the opposite of competitive strategy. Finally, the steps in developing and implementing competitive strategies using the most current methods is discussed and practiced.

Students have the opportunity to practice crafting each of the fundamental components of competitive positioning such as industry definition and competitor identification/analysis, industry driver mapping, needs-based segmentation, value proposition identification, capabilities identification and value mapping, and linking market opportunities with deliverables, key success factors and capabilities to determine not only positioning fit, but resource allocation and implementation action plans to bring strategies to life.

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