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21491 Cross Cultural Management

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This subject provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and evaluate the role of culture in work organisations. It aims to develop intercultural awareness and organisational effectiveness in the global context through a critical evaluation of mainstream and emerging models of national culture. There is a strong emphasis on real life cases, students learn to identify the role of culture in determining organisational strategy, structure, communication, motivation and leadership.

To successfully manage an organisation in a culturally diverse society or to be part of a global organisation, an understanding of the differences in social code, communication, motivation systems, organisational structure and leadership is needed. Business is increasingly competitive, and competing in the 21st century requires a global orientation to sustain economic advantage. Use of the internet now can place business anywhere in the world. Hence an assessment of the risks that include financial, political, economic, environmental and now cultural factors are gaining increasing importance in the global context. Culture determines how one builds trust, communicates, balances risk, negotiates, motivates and leads. Knowing the cultural sensitivities for each country a business can gain profitability, and without cultural intelligence lose spectacularly.

This subject provides a foundation for cross-cultural management and looks at various models of culture including Hofstede's Value Dimensions, Project GLOBE Cultural Dimensions, Trompenaars's Value Dimensions, and Cultural Clusters.

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