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17920 Urban Design Studio 5: Special Project (Part 2)

6cp; 20hpw, online
Requisite(s): 17902 Sustainable Urban Development AND 17905 Urban Analytics AND 17918 Urban Design Studio 3: Transit Neighbourhoods
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Urban Design Studio 4, together with 17920 Urban Design Studio 5, builds on the core skills gained through the previous Urban Design studios and further develops students’ abilities in integrating morphology analysis, urban analytics, understanding of place, and the planning environment. Urban Design Studio 4 and 5 are designed to be flexible, so that students can take them in any order. Students work with an academic supervisor to identify which tasks are completed in each of the subjects. After completing both subjects, students have a grasp of the urban design process and how design can generate urban change whilst considering the importance of urban greening and ecology, addressing climate change challenges, and applying place-making approaches to deliver healthier and safer places.

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