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17917 Urban Design Studio 2: Place-making

Requisite(s): 17904 Urban Design Fundamentals
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Urban Design Studio 2 focuses on developing students’ drawing, analytical and design skills by focusing on place-making. This subject provides an introduction to pedestrian-scale design by concentrating in understanding the relevance of context and place. Place-making comprises three main components: the physical realm (created by built and open spaces), the activities that happen in that place, and the meanings people associate with that place. Considering a case study and site provided by the lecturer, students apply their analytical and drawing skills to understand and communicate: the proportions and spatial relationships between the built and the open space; the relationship of the space and its context from a morphological perspective; the existing elements of the space (including any heritage items), and how the space is currently being used. Based on the prior analysis, students are required to develop an urban design proposal for the given site that capitalises and enhances on the strengths of the place, and overcome the challenges it poses.

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