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17911 Structure Planning

6cp; 20hpw, online
Requisite(s): 17902 Sustainable Urban Development AND 17905 Urban Analytics
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject is project-based. It is designed to develop students' skills in planning larger scale urban developments on Greenfield sites. Students develop a thorough understanding of the aims and methods of structure planning. Students use background information about the existing community profile, environmental conditions, infrastructure and services, land use and density controls, transport networks, ecological characteristics, social characteristics and planning policies for a project site, to develop an analysis of site constraints and opportunities. Finally, they prepare a high-level Structure Plan for the site, identifying proposed land use zones, transport networks, urban facilities and social and green infrastructure. This subject focuses on developing students' competencies to comprehend and apply distinct development considerations for Greenfield sites and to formulate sustainable and strategic planning solutions.

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