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17908 Planning and Environmental Law in Australia

6cp; 20 hpw x 6 wks, online delivery

Requisite(s): 17125 Development Feasibility and Modelling AND 17135 Property Development Process AND 17126 Property Transactions AND 17128 Property Development Finance
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject introduces students to environmental and planning legislation and controls as they apply in Australian States and Territories. It compares the structure and operation of the planning systems, and the legal processes of making plans, policies, and planning controls, including how these controls govern development. The role of specialist courts, legal methods and ethical professional practice are critically analysed. Indigenous land rights and Native Title are discussed. Students develop an in-depth understanding of one State or Territory’s planning and environmental legislation, and learn how to compare legislation across jurisdictions. They also engage with critical perspectives on how existing legislation supports or undermines desirable planning outcomes, such as social justice, self-determination for Indigenous communities, and environmental protection.

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