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17778 Real Estate Initial Public Offer Methodology

6cp; Two days x 2 blocks
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Real Estate Initial Public Offerings (IPO) introduces students to the broad range of requisite skills needed to produce a comprehensive IPO document suitable for either a listed or unlisted IPO. The subject covers:

  • Overview of managed Investment Scheme legislation
  • Real estate asset class research methodology appropriate for an IPO
  • Alternative sources of capital funding namely, equity and debt
  • Ascertaining the appropriate level of debt given the specific earnings/revenue risks associated with either the pool of assets or single asset that forms the cornerstone investment
  • Alternative Return on Equity (ROE) outcomes under alternative debt level ratios
  • Forecast income growth from either the single asset or pool offsets given its WALE (Weighted Average Lease Expiry) profile, tenant covenant and rent review profile
  • Alternative debt structures in terms of tenor/pricing scenarios
  • Deriving the substantiated revenue/earnings forecast for the IPO over an initial 2 year period.

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