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16913 Time Management

6cp; standard mode plus computer lab training sessions
Requisite(s): 16912 Construction Project Management Principles
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This subject examines time management on construction projects. The subject covers the key principles and techniques of time management including the development of work breakdown structures (WBS), detailed resourcing, activity scheduling, critical path programming and earned value management. The subject also covers the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 4D simulation.

Students demonstrate their ability to solve real-word planning and scheduling problems by undertaking individual work that develops a project schedule and ties the schedule into a working 4D simulation. Knowledge of techniques and best practices are shown by addressing the requirements of the building project, creating a work breakdown structure, allocating resources, examining productivity, scheduling work packages, and using digital technologies to present a schedule to a project sponsor.

Schedules are the basis of project planning, execution and control. A competent project manager is expected to have a strong command of scheduling. This command is achieved via learning the theories and practising manual and digital techniques.

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Spring session, City campus

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