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16908 Construction Project Management Special Project 2

6cp; delivered through individual meetings between the supervisor and the student, unless otherwise arranged


Available on application via the e-request process.


Enrolment in this subject must be approved by the course director, and students must demonstrate that they have a viable project, study plan and appropriate academic supervision. It is the responsibility of the head of school to appoint the academic supervisor. In this subject, students work with a supervisor to complete a special project on a topic to be mutually agreed with the supervisor. Occasionally, projects may be proposed by the Construction program. A suitable project may respond to special opportunities (for instance, a project may benefit a community group, or it may entail working with a distinguished visiting academic to apply innovative methods to a local problem). The range of projects is limited by the capacity of the program to offer appropriate academic supervision. In each case, the project should have practical application to the Built Environment; it should represent an authentic learning experience resulting in the development of professionally applicable skills.

The project can be flexibly defined; for instance, it might entail innovative development of new technology, or a problem-solving investigation based on in-depth research. This subject allows students the flexibility to conduct independent applied research and development. If a student is working on an individual project they have identified, they work with their academic supervisor to develop a self-directed learning plan for the session, including specific assignment outcomes.

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