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16656 Sustainable Construction and Development Management

6cp; 14hpw (2 x 7hr days) on campus x 2 blocks; attendance in class is required
Requisite(s): 16631 Construction and Development Process AND 16634 Financial Analysis
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


In this subject students learn about new technologies to improve building performance, about building and site services, facilities management and green retrofits. The subject covers building pathology from defect recognition and diagnosis to remedial works. The focus is on the project and building scale. The latest innovations and emerging technologies are also highlighted.

Individual feedback is given throughout the subject via in-class group feedback and through Review. In-class group feedback is given formatively through the group projects.

The teaching aims to assist development of students' knowledge and skills required to complete assessment tasks. Where possible guest speakers and site visits also add to students' knowledge and understanding.

Teaching Block 1

This block covers an introduction to sustainable construction and development management. Starting with an exploration of understanding the concept of sustainability, the teaching block then examines issues at precinct scale in master planning development and development management. Sustainable construction at the building level is also covered. Aspects of development management such as procurement and best practices in reducing the environmental impact of the construction process, social aspects of the construction process are included.

The second part of this teaching block explores designing for sustainability and the construction and building services considerations to minimise environmental impact of buildings. Innovative new technologies are described and reviewed.

Teaching Block 2

The focus in this block is the management of developments through the building lifecycle, and focuses on sustainable building adaptation and adaptive reuse. Starting with a review of typical building defects in commercial stock and how to diagnose those defects, students examine what to look for and how to approach it. Students also examine sustainability in the context of leasehold property, looking at 'fit out' and 'make good'. Sydney's conversion adaption market is reviewed, along with international examples, to determine what is possible and best practice. Building operation and sustainability is covered, in the context of the role of 'eco-concierge'. The role of building certification, rating tools and sustainability is explored. Building services and sustainability is examined, within the context or retrofit and adaptation.

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Access conditions

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