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16266 Sustainable Urban Design and Development

6cp; 3hpw, workshop/lecture, on campus
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This subject provides an introduction to the environmental impact of building construction and urban development and the roles and responsibilities that professionals in the built environment have in reducing environmental problems. The subject commences with an overview of the major global environmental and energy problems and how the building construction and the built environment have contributed to these problems. Applications of sustainability in building construction management are then discussed in both residential and commercial building context and sustainability ratings are reviewed. The life cycle concept and environmental impact assessment are then explored in conjunction with the sustainability metrics and also principles of sustainable urban development, planning and design. This subject also provides the basis for understanding the processes that shape the built environment particularly in relation to the development and redevelopment of current and future cities. Students are exposed to the history of the city and factors that shape city development as well as a general understanding of the environmental, social and economical impacts of urban design and development. It further shows how technological solutions can play a vital role in resolving some of the current environmental challenges facing the built environment.

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Spring session, City campus

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