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16214 Honours Research 3

12cp; the subject is delivered through individual meetings between the supervisor and the student



This is the third of six subjects belonging to the Bachelor of Property Economics (Honours) (C09063) (it is designed to be completed alongside 16215 Honours Research 4). Over these six subjects, the student works with a research supervisor to design, carry out, and report on a research project. There is significant variation possible in how the student can accomplish these goals. Theses might be qualitative or quantitative, written up in conventional academic format or presented primarily online. Task structure varies among projects and is determined between the supervisor and student, depending on the research aims.

This subject is delivered through one-on-one meetings between student and supervisor. As the third in the Honours sequence, this subject focuses on students completing the proposed research and writing up the findings from that research. The research and analysis is guided by the research methodology section prepared in Honours Research 2. The write up of the findings section also draws on the literature review prepared in Honours Research 1.

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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