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16138 Site Establishment and Management

6cp; 3hpw x 12 (on campus), online classes scheduled for offshore students (details on Canvas)
Requisite(s): (((16265 Construction Technology 2 OR 16631 Construction and Development Process)) OR 16314 Construction Technology 3 )
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This subject examines the technology and processes involved in construction site establishment and operation and site surveying. The changing nature of the site as construction evolves is also explored. The key issues surrounding site excavation are also explored and include maintaining faces of excavation, shoring, underpinning, piling and other sub-strata operations. The design and erection of temporary structures to support construction works during the course of a project are examined in detail. Students are introduced to site surveying including advanced set out and levelling skills, setting out using theodolites and a thorough background in all building marking out and location techniques. Safety requirements and legal liabilities form a thread through the whole subject.

Students demonstrate their ability to solve real-world site establishment and surveying problems by undertaking individual and group works that develop a working plan for operational efficiency and safety of a construction site. Knowledge of techniques and best practices is shown by addressing the requirements of a building project, choosing and locating site temporary facilities and structures, deciding on excavation stabilisation methods, examining productivity of earthmoving, setting a traffic management plan, and surveying and setting out the building.

Site establishment and surveying is a critical quality for a construction manager. A competent construction manager is thus expected to achieve a strong command of principles and practices associated with the above site operations through learning theories and practicing manual and hands-on techniques and tools.

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