University of Technology Sydney

15904 Major Project: Analysis and Outcomes

6cp; 1hr per fortnight (direct meetings with supervisor)
Requisite(s): 15302 Major Project: Methods


This subject, together with 15302 Major Project: Methods, develops core skills that give students the ability to successfully complete rigorous and original planning, problem-solving exercises. This subject forms the second of the two parts of the Major Project subjects.

In this subject, Major Project: Analysis and Outcomes, students conduct research analysis using relevant analytical methods and provide justified solutions or recommendations for the chosen problems, and produce comprehensive reports. In the analysis section, nature, causes and effects of a problem considering the environmental, economic and socio-cultural consequences are explored. This allows students to evaluate and understand the potential stakeholders involved in addressing the problem from a holistic perspective. In the outcomes section, students develop viable solutions or recommendations for solving the problem.

The subject enhances students' abilities to develop their considered responses to find practical and innovative solutions for contemporary urban planning. It is undertaken primarily via self-guided learning, but supervisors carefully oversee students and meet with them on a regular basis.

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