University of Technology Sydney

15631 IPPG Research Project A

6cp; Supervised Research Project
Requisite(s): 12 credit points of completed study in spk(s): STM91196 24cp Core subjects (Applied Policy) MAppPol

Research Capstone Project


This is one of the two smaller research projects for the Master of Applied Policy (C04323). In this subject, students undertake a process of preparing a research proposal in order to conduct and complete a research essay, addressing a topic of relevance to governance and public policy. A key part of the final research proposal is determining the study questions for the completion of the research essay. This subject enables students to diversify their research interests in public policy and governance by conducting a smaller research project in a favoured policy area. Having completed this subject, students are then able to explore their research interests in a second policy area by undertaking 15632 IPPG Research Project B.

Students put forward a research design and associated data gathering methodologies in order to address the study questions. They review the literature to link their work to current material on the topic, including readings derived from any of the subjects undertaken as foundation and elective subjects. In this process, they work with a supervisor, who supports them in carrying out the reading, research and writing necessary to plan and prepare for the research project.

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