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15623 Research in a Local Government Context A

6cp; Supervised Project
Requisite(s): ((15604 Local Government Principles and Practice OR 49460 Local Government Management Principles and Practice 1) AND (15608 Organising and Managing in Local Government OR 49277 Corporate Planning and Management) AND 15621c Research in Local Government AND 15619 Comparative Local Governance AND 30 credit points of completed study in spk(s): CBK90877 MLG Options)
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Research Capstone Project


This is the first subject of the capstone research project for the Master of Local Government (C04257). In this subject students undertake a process of preparing a research proposal and ethics application in order to conduct original applied research, addressing a topic that is of relevance to local government practice. A key part of the final research proposal is determining the questions for the study.

Students put forward a research design and associated data gathering methodologies in order to address the study questions. They conduct a literature review to link their work to current literature on the topic, including readings derived from any of the subjects undertaken as foundation and elective subjects. In this process, they work with a supervisor, who supports them in carrying out the reading, research and writing necessary to plan and prepare for the research project.

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